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A Life Lesson #2… On my road to being a lady guide.

By July 15, 2017February 25th, 2023No Comments
A Life Lesson #2... On my road to being a lady guide.

Follow me…big things are coming your way!

I had a vision as a hunting guide.  A vision to create a hunting experience like no others have.  It is about friendship, memories, and family.  Booking the hunts came easy at first.  The annual BBB ladies antelope hunt – SOLD OUT.  The ladies archery antelope hunt – SOLD OUT.   The couples hunt – SOLD OUT.  I wasn’t being greedy, but really needed to book a few more hunts for my season and the youth hunt I offered was not selling very well.  For a short time I felt defeated and lost.  But then I remembered why I was doing this.  All the lessons I have learned.

Back on Track and on fire!!

I stopped trying to sell my hunts and started sharing my experiences and passion.  Just like that….booked my last few hunts and started booking hunts for next year already.

I wanted the youth hunt to be something amazing, I set my goal and went to work.  Before I knew it we had sponsors.  Local and national.  And the list keeps growing.

Babe’s Bullets & Broadheads – The definition of The Sisterhood of the Outdoors.

Share your dreams and your vision, let others step in and help you.  Amy Ray put her feet on the ground, promoted who we are and landed the first annual grant for our youth hunt from Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Georgia Chapter.  This money allowed me to finish this hunt the way I intended it to be when I started…….FREE!!  An opportunity for the girls, an adventure for me.  For BBB to share our vision with them.

This is only the beginning – You just watch

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