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onXmaps A good Support System

By August 4, 2017February 25th, 2023No Comments
onXmaps A good Support System

A good support system….

You can try hard, you can work hard, you can work harder but sometimes you need good help.

I became a licensed antelope hunting guide this year with the help of a ton of people, my support system.  From family and friends, to colleagues and my employer.  All giving me advice and helping along the way.

When I finally got my license in the mail I needed to find some quality hunting places to take my new clients.  I started  driving through familiar lands hoping to spark something, writing down numbers on posts, trying to remember who was who and where I was at.  It all became very overwhelming.  One day I sat at my desk, frustrated and confused so I decided to try out an app I had heard about, onXmaps. After it was installed on my phone, I began looking at the information it provided, I began calling landowners and recognizing where places were and before I knew it I had some great new places to take my clients.

onXmaps has become one of my biggest support systems in providing me with landowner information and details so I know where I am at all times and will be a big part of my success as a hunting guide this year.

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