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About Sisterhood Outdoors

Sisterhood Outdoors is a community of women who hunt, fish and shoot together.

We believe every woman can belong in the outdoors and can learn to hunt, fish and shoot.

Founded in 2010 by three friends who wanted to share their love of the outdoors by creating guided hunting trips for women, a sisterhood was born.  Each year the line-up of outfitters and hunting opportunities grew, along with the number of women interested in joining in on the fun.  The mission to empower the next generation lady hunter became the core of the business.  Today we are Sisterhood Outdoors.  We create opportunities for women to learn to hunt, shoot and fish.

Our formula for new hunter retention and introduction has proven effective for the past seven years.  Our past guest surveys reveal 59% of our guest were on their very first guided hunting or fishing trip.  These same guests also booked a second guided hunt after going on one of our trips.  And 89% of our guest have recommended or returned to our outfitters of choice.  A recent shooting event survey resulted in 59 referrals to our firearm partner and 100% of surveyed guest wanted to come back for more.

Women like to travel in groups and enjoy each other’s company when participating in sports, hunting is no different.  In a recent online survey of our fans, 81% wanted to go on an all ladies hunting trip and 12% said that they already do!  And an amazing 99% of our respondents want to connect to other like-minded outdoor women.

According to, female recruitment is growing fast and promises to increase, however there is a lack of commitment to repeat license buying and this presents a challenge to the industry.  Typically, women don’t decide to try hunting on their own.  They are introduced by family or friends.  Gaining a new hunter with no family or friends can be done through our business model.  Women create more hunters by not only bringing along their children, but they also influence their circle of friends.

We know its hard to get started and we never forget where we came from.  We want you to become the sportswoman you have always dreamed of.  It doesn’t matter if it is your first time or you are experienced, we have the skills to improve your goals.

We create moments of belonging in the outdoors.  Everyone deserves a chance to learn the outdoor lifestyle and we want to be there for you.  To us it is personal, and we promise a personal experience if you plan a trip with us.

Our team is dedicated to making you feel welcome in the outdoors!

Amy Ray Woman Hunting Guide

Meet Your Guide Amy Ray

Amy Ray is the President and CEO of The Sisterhood of The Outdoors.  A company dedicated to creating opportunities for women to hunt, fish and learn to shoot.  Amy is an NRA certified pistol instructor, and a member of the NRA, a staff shooter for Shoot Like A Girl, Pro Staff at Cabela’s, a member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, The National Wild Turkey Federation, and Ducks Unlimited.  Amy purchased the Babes, Bullets and Broadheads business from the former owners in December 2014, and changed the name to The Sisterhood of The Outdoors.  Since 2010 the business has grown 300% and over 150 women get the opportunity to go hunting, fishing or shooting with the Sisterhood each year.  Through Amy is an avid hunter and shooter.  She has harvested, bull elk, cow elk, antelope, whitetail deer, geese, ducks, turkey, and pheasants.

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