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Welcome to the team- Leslye Leslie

By March 21, 2023No Comments

Sisterhood Outdoors welcomes Leslye Leslie to the pro staff team.  Originally from Georgia, Leslye now resides in Utah.  Her back yard is the great outdoors.  We are excited to have Leslye join our team.  We look forward to utilizing her expertise in hunting and shooting sports to enhance our programing.  She is a perfect fit to be a leader in helping women become the sportswomen they want to be.

Leslye was not raised as a hunter.  Hunting became a part of her life after a melanoma diagnosis in her early 30s.  She had no idea that her life would feel so complete once hunting and the outdoors became her passion. We feel like all adult on set hunters can relate to her story.

She started shooting USPSA and some 3 Gun competitions, trained to earn her NRA pistol Instructor certification, and has taught advanced handgun skills at Ladies Hunting Camps.

In 2020 she became a Utah DWR Hunter Education Instructor.

She also has been a member of the Kryptek Legion hunt/fish/shooting team since 2017.  She is a moderator for Long Range Tactics and is a guest speaker for Long Range Tactics podcast where she shares about long range shooting skills and approaches.

When asked about her personal life, she shares that she has an amazing husband who lets her “run wild and go after her outdoor dreams”.

Leslye is a perfect fit to enhance our team of amazing women willing to teach and pay it forward for others.  We can benefit from sharing our stories and our skills, that is what Sisterhood Outdoors is all about.

Welcome to the team Leslye!

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