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Looking to Start Shooting Clay Targets?

By June 22, 20233 Comments
Tips for new clay shooters

Looking to Start Shooting Clay Targets?

Some of us would shoot every day if there were a way. I have been an avid shotgunner for almost forty years. The more clays you break, the more addictive it becomes.

I have watched eyes light up with the breaking of their first clay. I had my first experience with clay targets at a Women in the Outdoors event.
From then on, I wanted more and everyone to feel the same excitement I did. I purchased my first shotgun and pulled the trigger at every opportunity.

I became an instructor for 4H sports shooting after my grandson started shooting. Coaching 9-14-year-olds was an incredibly fulfilling experience for me. They were eager to learn and absorb all the knowledge I shared with them. They wanted to break more and more clays. Our classroom was the tailgate of a pickup truck at the shooting range, where we emphasized the importance of safety above all else. This message was ingrained in them so much that they monitored each other’s safety closely.

Through shooting, they learned valuable lessons in discipline, and patience, and gained experiences they wouldn’t have had otherwise. Even today, I pass on my knowledge to kids and ladies at the range.

At the beginning of each lesson, I make sure to go over safety procedures. Classroom time is dedicated to the fundamentals of the sport, including firearms, ammunition, chokes, and rules.

Once the students are ready for hands-on training, we begin with stance, proper gun mounting, loading, and shooting. Only the shooter has a live-fire shotgun, while everyone else stores their guns in safety racks. We launch clays to help with timing and swinging the barrel, and when the clay breaks, you can feel the excitement among the students. With every target and every break, their self-confidence grows.

Practice and range time will produce successful shooters, even if some have to work harder than others. The key is to keep going and grab a friend to join you at the range. Shooting is a place for laughter, fun times, aggravation, disappointment (in ourselves), learning, and competition.

If you are looking to start shooting clay targets, keeping safety your top priority is crucial. Always follow the proper safety protocols and use the correct equipment. Remember that practice makes perfect, so keep going if you miss some targets initially. Keep practicing, and you’ll see your skills improve over time. Also, please pay attention to your form and technique, as they significantly affect your accuracy. With these essential tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a skilled clay shooter in no time!

Take time out of your busy schedule for some range of time. Break some clays, enjoy your friends, and have some fun.

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  • Dorothy Harrison says:

    You definitely put in a lot of time with Union Parish,La kids. And they all loved u so much. Thanks for spending so many afternoons and weekends with my grands Brittani and Dylan Gray, and Zach Harrison. You will always be part of our 4H family.

  • Michelle Harmes says:

    Range time is so important! I love getting together with friends to improve my skills and deepen the friendships.

  • Ronda Johnson says:

    You have put alot of hours in. I have watched you over the years grow so much. You are in your element on the range. I’m so very proud of you and all your accomplishments along the way. You have changed and touched so many lives on your journey. Proud to call you my sista and someone I admire tremendously.

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