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Become the sportswoman
you always wanted to be.

Sisterhood Outdoors is a community of women who hunt, fish and shoot together.

Do you lack the experience, skills, support, and advice needed to become the sportswoman you always dreamed of?

We believe every woman can belong in the outdoors and can learn to hunt, fish and shoot.





When you join Sisterhood Outdoors, you join a community of women who are welcoming, caring and passionate about the outdoors.

What our members say

Member Reviews

“Before I found the sisterhood, I wasn’t able to hunt on my own. Now I have a group of women who I hunt with and call my best friends.”

— Alyssa M.

“Hunting has always been a man sport, and I felt shut out from wanting to hunt. Now, I’m proud to call myself a lady hunter. ”

— Mary Anne L.

”I’ve always wanted to go fishing and hunting because we didn’t do that sort of thing growing up. I’m looking forward to my first fishing trip!”

— Megan S.

Amy Ray Woman Hunting Guide

Meet Your Guide Amy Ray

I know what it’s like to feel disconnected and shut out from outdoor pursuits, which is why I started Sisterhood Outdoors. I believe every woman can belong in the outdoors and can learn to hunt, fish and shoot. My promise is to provide you with expert advice, a welcoming community and unforgettable outdoor experiences that will last a lifetime.

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How to get started

As a member, we provide you the support, skills and advice to begin or perfect your outdoor pursuits. You also get exclusive content and discounts on trips and gear!


Stop giving up your dreams and come live the outdoor lifestyle with Sisterhood Outdoors!


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