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Gail’s Gator Hunt

By January 25, 2017February 25th, 2023No Comments
Gail's Gator Hunt

I challenged myself! I was surprised at finding out there was an Louisiana Gator hunt offered by a team of ladies of BabesBulletsBroadheads and their intent to bring women together that share a passion for hunting. It was more than that! It was an independent challenge for all the ladies that attended. Twelve ladies not knowing each other, from different states, made the trip with a mission to capture a gator. Strong women and I say this because we made the trip not know anything about what we would be tested on. We all came out successful! We succeeded in the journey, the hunt, the harvest and the Louisiana heat; we succeeded in meeting and making lifelong friends with other ladies that share the same passion. We secceeded in confidence, perseverance, drive, independence. We left with trophies, Gator meat for our families, accomplishment, and cherished memories of a great time had with each other and the people of Louisiana. This and so much more is what a hunt with BabesBulletsBroadheads entails. Make the trip, do the hunt, share the passion, make lifelong friends, spread the word and share your memories and fascinate other women with your stories! Visit for all their adventures, and join a ladies hunt!

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