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BBB The Sisterhood of the Outdoors

By August 17, 2016February 25th, 2023No Comments
BBB The Sisterhood of the Outdoors

To some hunting is a hobby, but for me it is a passion.  I love hunting whether it is by myself or with my husband and family. I hunt as often as I can, and a few times a year I go on an all ladies BBB hunt to feed my soul.  The women I have met through my time hunting on the BBB trips have become like family to me.  Learning new things from like minded women has been amazing.  Not once have I felt like I couldn’t accomplish filling a tag while hunting with these great ladies.  My first hunt with the BBB was a duck hunt in Arkansas.   I had never duck hunted before and never even shot a shot gun.  The minute I pulled into the lodge I knew I was in good hands.  Victoria was in the kitchen making chili super for everyone.  I shared a room with two sister’s who hunted together.  And we became friends quickly.  Its like a hunting slumber party.  After a great first meal together and some time around the camp fire I was comfortable and settled in for the night.  Our first day out in a blind required walking in waist deep water in waders.  I will never forget watching the sun come up and the decoy spread lighting up with rays of sun through the trees.  And just in time it started raining ducks.  For three hours straight we shot until we ran out of shells and had six limits.  Fast forward a few years later and now I realize that was an amazing day in the duck blind that spoiled me just a little.  I have learned so much from hunting with my sisters in the outdoors.  The momments we share and the experience of the friendships are the true trophies.   There may not always be ducks but you can be sure there are fun times in the duck blind with the Sisterhood of the Outdoors.  Book a hunt with BBB!

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