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BERETTA BRX1 Rifle Review

By June 15, 2024No Comments
BRX1 Rifle Review

Sisterhood Outdoors Reviews the BERETTA BRX1 rifle:

As a company dedicated to empowering women in the great outdoors, we at Sisterhood Outdoors understand the importance of reliable, high-quality gear. Whether it’s the right clothing, the perfect fishing rod, or a dependable firearm, the right equipment can make all the difference. That’s why we’re excited to share our thoughts on a firearm that has quickly become a favorite among our team – the Beretta BRX1 Rifle.


The first thing that stands out about the Beretta BRX1 is its design. Sleek, modern, and compact, it’s clear that Beretta has put a lot of thought into the aesthetics of this rifle. But the BRX1 is not just about looks – it’s a high-performance firearm that delivers in every aspect.


We reviewed the BRX1 in a .308 caliber. The BRX1 shines when it comes to accuracy. With its free-floating barrel and adjustable trigger, this rifle allows for precise shooting, making it a reliable companion on any hunting trip. Our team has been consistently impressed with the accuracy and consistency of the BRX1, even in challenging conditions. We have fired over 500 rounds without any issues. Not once did we experience a cycling issue when loading and unloading. We also love the magazine that comes in bright orange. No more digging around in the bottom of a backpack to find a dark-colored magazine or searching for it in the elk woods. (we think it looks cool too!)


The BRX1 is a modern repeating rifle with a straight pull bolt. We had to build muscle memory on moving the bolt the first time we took it to the range. Having used bolt actions in the past, there was a tendency to lift, pull back, push forward, and then down to lock a bolt. This is not the case with the straight pull on the BRX1. It is a simple back-and-forth smooth motion, and it is loaded. It became easy and even fun once we worked the bolt a few times. Imagine gaining time on a well-placed second shot on a wounded elk. The second shot is much faster than a traditional bolt-action rifle. And we have to say it is super fun to shoot. We put the rifle through the paces at the range and field.  We put it to the test on our African Safari with amazing results. Both experienced rifle shooters and new shooters have had success with this setup.  We took 8 animals on safari, all perfectly placed shots.


The BRX1 features an ambidextrous bolt. You heard that right; with the touch of a few buttons, the bolt can be moved from the right to the left side to accommodate left-handed shooters. We love this feature for teaching at the range.


Comfort is another area where the BRX1 excels. The rifle features an adjustable stock, allowing for a custom fit. This enhances comfort, stability, and control, improving the overall shooting experience. We removed some of the pads from the stock to shorten the length of the pull. The fit and feel of the rifle is well suited for women shooters. It weighs about 7 pounds. The BRX1 is impressively lightweight, making it easy to carry during long hunting trips. Despite its lightness, it doesn’t compromise on performance or durability, offering the perfect balance for a hunting firearm.
We appreciate the attention to detail given to the safety. The rifle features a three-stage safety, providing an extra layer of security. We truly appreciate this feature as a company that prioritizes safety in all our outdoor adventures.


The BRX1 is built to last. With its cold hammer-forged barrel and aluminum alloy receiver, this rifle is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. This durability and Beretta’s reputation for quality make the BRX1 a worthy investment. It retails for $1599 and comes well-equipped out of the box.

The Beretta BRX1 Rifle is a standout firearm that delivers on all fronts—design, versatility, accuracy, comfort, safety, and durability. It meets the demands of hunting and exceeds expectations. Whether you’re embarking on your first hunting trip or are a seasoned hunter looking for a reliable, high-performing firearm, we highly recommend the Beretta BRX1 Rifle. It’s a game-changer in hunting firearms, and we’re confident you’ll love it as much as we do.


Check out our YouTube Video Review for more details!

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Link to the model we tested: BRX1 .308 Green 51-inch barrel
Link to our scope of choice: Burris Veracity PH

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