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Scope Review: Burris Optics Veracity PH

By May 7, 2024No Comments
Burris Veracity Rifle Scope Burris Connect App

Improving Precision: Using the Burris Connect App with the Veracity PH Scope

Our gear is evolving at a brisk pace in the realm of hunting and precision shooting. Modern advancements like the Burris Optics Veracity PH scope have revolutionized the game, delivering remarkable clarity and precision. And guess what takes it a notch higher? The insightful integration with the Burris Connect App!

We mounted the Burris Veracity PH 3- 15×44 Scope on the all-new Beretta BRX1 rifle using the Burris Optics Medium 30 mm rings and bore-sighted it before heading to the range.

Here is our setup for the review:

This review will share how easy it is to set up and get the accuracy you need to succeed in the field.  Before using the Burris Connect app, we zeroed our rifle at 100 yards and verified the shots at the range. The process of zeroing a rifle scope serves as the foundation for setting up for success in the field. We used a dope card  (we created with the Burris Connect App) to turn the dial for MOA to verify the shots at 200, 300, and 600 yards using the manual dial. All shots were on target.

After verifying zero, we started the set-up process for using the Veracity PH digital elevation system. The first step was to download the Burris Connect App to an iPhone. We then set up our rifle profile by naming it BRX1 .308 162 grain.

The Burris Connect App: Your shooting partner.

The Burris Connect App is a fantastic assistant to your Veracity PH scope. It allows you to input your ballistic data directly into the scope. This interface makes it incredibly convenient to tweak your settings for maximum precision and accuracy. It’s like having a personal ballistic genius sitting next to you as you hone your shooting skills!

How Does it Work?

Once inside the app input your bullet weight, ballistic coefficient, muzzle velocity, and other essential data. After storing your ballistic data in the app, it will synchronize with your scope via Bluetooth. Your scope is now fully customized with your personal ballistic data! How cool is that?

For our review, we used the Sako .308 162-grain Powerhead Blade ammunition. We used the muzzle velocity and G1 data listed on the box as our custom load in the Burris app.  If your factory ammunition is listed in the app, choose your brand, which will load the data for you. After obtaining the bullet ballistics data set, we used Bluetooth to zero the turret. Turning the dial while looking through the scope displays the distance in yards on the Heads-Up Display within the reticle.

Seamless Data Integration

This feature ensures seamless data syncing with your scope and offers the most precise aiming solution with preloaded ballistic charts. Once your data is loaded, the app automatically calculates the bullet trajectory and feeds it to your scope! It’s a convenience at your fingertips. We like that you can dial yardage without coming off the scope and looking at the turret. Hold on to the target, reach up, turn the dial until you see the required yardage, and take the shot. It makes it very simple: range, dial, and shoot. You will still need to use a range finder to determine the yardage of your target, but you won’t have to refer to a dope chart or count clicks on the dial.

In our review, we shot the 200-, 300- and 600-yard target using the Heads-Up digital display and then looked at where the dial was and noted the MOA. Each time, the MOA on the turret landed in the same location as our manual dope chart. This was our way of verifying the digital calibration of the data vs. running the scope with dialing MOA.  The good news is if the battery runs out or you have issues with the digital display for any reason in the field, this scope will always be accurate to your dope chart and able to be run manually. It’s the best of both worlds.

Wrapping it Up

The Veracity PH with the Burris Connect App is the ultimate rifle scope system. Inputting the ballistic data and having the scope adjust its settings to your yardage is simply a game-changer. It’s like having your shooting prowess upgraded instantly. It also simplifies what can sometimes be overwhelming to learn when using a chart to dial MOA. There are no counting clicks or need to come off the gun to see and work the dial. It also has a zero stop on the turret and can easily be set back to zero after a shot. We recommend getting into the habit of returning all of your scopes to zero after a hunt or a day at the range.

Multiple rifle and ballistic profiles can be downloaded into the Burris Connect app, making this system versatile for many seasons, rifles, and ammunition changes.

With the innovative combination of the Burris Connect App and the Veracity PH scope, shooters experience a new degree of shooting precision. This dynamic pair transforms an ordinary hunt into an extraordinary adventure, where success hinges on a precisely calibrated shot.

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