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Learning to Duck Hunt

Learning to Duck Hunt

It started out with a simple text. “Book the December duck hunt and ride with me to AR!” Moments later, I signed up and began to research what I needed to hunt for waterfowl. I was excited to participate in the Sisterhood Outdoors Beretta Waterfowl Event at Bust A Duck Guide Service.

It’s been fifteen years since I shot a shotgun. After being introduced to the world of archery, I never found a reason to pick up a gun again. I had no intention of doing so until I got the invite. I’m a sucker for an adventure. Travel and new experiences are what I live for. Duck hunting in Arkansas fits those criteria. All I had to do was prepare as much as I could beforehand and enjoy the adventure.

Taking the First Shots

After we arrived at the Bust-A-Duck lodge and settled in, I was introduced to the gear that I would be using for the weekend. I was paired with a Beretta A300 Ultima. The assembly of the gun was very simple, and we quickly set out for the range. I was outfitted with safety glasses and hearing protection. I listened to the thorough instructions on gun safety, and with my instructor standing next to me, it was time to practice. I missed the first clay and broke the next two with no problems. To my surprise, the Beretta A300 is well-balanced and easy to handle. I was able to quickly place it on my shoulder, release the safety, and pull the trigger with ease. The shots were smooth, with hardly any recoil. It made my reintroduction into gun hunting very pleasant.

The Hunt Begins

The next morning, I layered up as much as I possibly could. I donned buffalo wool socks, a base layer of wool, my fleece lined Kryptek camouflage, duck waders, a neck gaiter, two beanies and hot hands galore. I had my backpack full of goodies and took my place in the suburban to get to the duck blind. I had no idea what to expect. The ladies that I rode with did their best to explain everything I needed to do. When the opportunity came, I did exactly as I was told. With my head down and hands on my Beretta, I held still while the ducks and geese were called and flew into shooting range. I would have loved to have shot my weight in birds, but that is why it’s called hunting and not harvesting.

The Whole Experience

Thanks to Sisterhood Outdoors, I can now say that I’ve been duck hunting. I have had the experience of being in a duck blind. I have shot at ducks and geese. I enjoyed watching the guides be experts in their craft of calling in the birds and watching the dogs fetch the downed fowl. I can understand why people could be addicted to waterfowl hunting. I loved the camaraderie of the women who traded hunting and fishing stories while we passed the time in the blind as we waited for the birds to fly in. All in all, I’m glad that I decided to say yes to that simple text: “Book the December duck hunt and ride with me to AR!”

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