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By November 28, 2023No Comments
Ann Lavery encourages women to fish

Robert Traver once said, “I fish because I love to.” Being an avid fisherman myself, I completely agree with him. As I have grown older, I have learned new techniques that have enhanced my experience. Even without fancy equipment, I could always catch something. Fly fishing can be intimidating but rewarding at the same time. The more I fish, the more confident I become.

Fishing is not always about finding fish in expected places. Sometimes, the best spots are hidden in creeks and streams. It’s important to keep exploring and not just rely on someone else’s word. When you venture out and explore new areas, you may discover extraordinary places that you never knew existed.

Beyond the water are woods, mountains, and more waters calling you. Fall runs are always restless and keep calling you to go further. I remember fishing in Colorado last fall, where the Browns just kept calling my name. The more I walked, the more opportunities I had to catch fish. The point is never to stop exploring; keep walking to the next bend. The gorgeous world that must be seen because you went fishing!

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