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Why we love the Beretta A300 Ultima Shotgun

By May 16, 2023One Comment
The BERETTA A300 Ultima

Looking to buy your forever shotgun?

New hunters and shooters often make the mistake of purchasing a firearm unsuited for their personal needs.  We tolerate it as we learn and then we get smart and buy what works for us.  I want to help you avoid that mistake when buying your first shotgun.

Hunting and shooting can be an expensive hobby. And opinions on having different shotguns for different uses in the field are vast. When you break it down to necessities of the shotgun, wouldn’t you rather buy the right one first?

I have shot plenty of shotguns through my years of hunting and shooting. Different brands, chambers, actions, gauges, barrel lengths, you name it…

The Beretta A300 Ultima is the perfect gun to buy for “everything.” You can turkey hunt, duck hunt, dove hunt, and even sporting clays or trap shoot, plus so much more while only purchasing one gun. The price point is comparatively affordable. Retails for under $900!

This shotgun is a semi-automatic and has the option of a 12 gauge or 20 gauge. It has a 3-inch chamber, and it comes with MobilChoke® 3 different chokes, improved cylinder, modified, and full! The 28-inch barrel and Kick-Off Recoil system makes the ideal gun for women.

Did we put it to the test? You know we did! We welcomed 10 ladies from all over the US to the Ladies Waterfowl Weekend with Bust-A-Duck Guide Service. Upon arrival we got right to work testing out the A300 Ultima with some skeet shooting. We shot 10 different brands of shells through the guns without a single problem during the weekend. We hunted in pit blinds, A-Frames, and box blinds in rivers and flooded fields covered in ice. Then moved to a field hunt for a sunny afternoon goose hunt. When I tell you these guns were worked in every condition, I mean it.  What’s also cool is we had women of all sizes handling this gun with no problem.

From brand new hunters and shooters to experienced, from small framed or tall girls, the feedback was unmatched. The gun comes with stock plates to adjust the gun to your perfect fit.  The design of the large bolt handle and barrel length make for a comfortable fit for any woman. The Kick-Off recoil was most appreciated when cycling continuous rounds during the duck hunt. These guns are lightweight and extremely durable.

So, lets recap some of the features of the A300 ultima:

  • Gauge: 20 or 12
  • Action: Semi-auto
  • Chamber: 3-inch
  • Barrel type: Steel
  • Barrel length: 28 inches
  • Chokes: MobilChoke® (IC, M, F)
  • Total Length: 47½ inches
  • Overall weight: 7.7 pounds

If you’re still on the fence and thinking about trying out one of these Beretta A300 Ultima Shotguns, don’t wait! We call it a “see it, buy it” gun.  If your local sporting goods store has one in stock, you better grab it before it’s gone.  For locating a dealer near you visit

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