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The Tikka T3x Roughtech Review

By May 10, 2023No Comments
Tikka T3x Lite Roughtech Ember Rifle


Sisterhood Outdoors has taken the Tikka T3x Roughtech afield for the past six months.  As host I have put it in the hands of youth hunters, women whitetail hunting, women hog hunting and multiple fun days at the range.  Having Beretta as our firearm partner has afforded us access to some amazing firearms to share with our guest.  I know how difficult it can be to set up your own hunting rifle and I want to help you on your journey.  I can tell you that we know for sure this is one of the best rifles we’ve taken afield.


Tikka is an out of the box, accurate, innovative, and durable rifle. I call it a “see it buy it” rifle.   For our events we have it topped with a Burris Optics Signature HD hunting scope (3-15×44) and we are shooting the new Sako 6.5 Creedmoor Powerhead Blade lead free ammunition.  An entire package for all your hunting needs.


Some of the features that stand out most are the oversized bolt, removable magazine, low recoil, and optimized weight.  We have the Roughtech stocks in the Ember color, which is texturized for a great grip.  It can be difficult to have a rifle that is a good fit for so many different people.  Tikka fit and feel were mentioned by most of our shooters.  The muzzle break helps to reduce recoil.  A fluted bolt and barrel reduce the weight of the rifle without sacrificing accuracy.  Watching the ladies run the gun, it was apparent the bolt is easy to work.  Our youth hunters especially liked the removable magazine.


From the moment the rifles arrive, I am the one who sets them up for the events.  It was an easy task to take them to the range and zero them at 200 yards.  I started with a bore sighted scope and within five rounds I was banging steel at 200 yards.  I ran a chart and moved to 300 and even 600 yards and was successful with each shot.  With accuracy at the range, came the confidence I needed to get excited to share this rifle with our guest.


Each year we host four young ladies on a Wyoming antelope hunt.  This year our youth hunters were very successful taking antelopes from 250-350 yards in Wyoming.  Each of them was impressed with the rifle.  By the end of the event, I was like a proud parent watching them run the gun completely on their own.  During our range time they hit steel targets at 200 and 300 yards.  We did a five-shot shoot-out, and they all went five for five at each target.

To date I have taken over 30 women afield hunting and to the range with this set up.  I have never once worried about the accuracy of the shots while traveling with these rifles.  After returning from Wyoming, we re-zeroed to 100 yards for Georgia whitetail and hog hunting.  I had success and took two whitetails with the Tikka.  Having a high level of confidence when I place the rifle in the hands of our guest is comforting.  Many of our guests are reluctant to change rifles for a hunting opportunity.  And our new hunters have a great desire to be successful on their first hunt. They expect me to place a rifle in their hands that will perform when it counts.

There is pressure I feel to make sure everything is perfect when new shooters are on our events.  It may look easy, but a lot of prework goes into planning to teach and train someone to shoot or hunt with a rifle.  Especially one they are unfamiliar with.  The Tikka rifle set up helps me create a great first experience for everyone.


Tikka has a reputation for being one of the most accurate rifles.  Recently we hosted a range event with 10 ladies.  Some had never shot a rifle before.  First, we reviewed the features of the rifle and showed them how to load a round.  They got familiar with the safety and working the bolt.  We put them on the gun, helped them gain proper eye relief and acquire the target.  Every single one of these ladies hit the target! We dialed for elevation and shot the 200-yard targets.  The ring of the steel target put smiles on all their faces. Having the Tikka T3x 6.5 makes my job easy.   Seeing the success of all of these women over the course of the last six months has made a believer out of me.  I get asked often where to start by new shooters and hunters.  A Tikka rifle is a great place to begin.  I would recommend this set up for all women, new and experienced alike.

At Sisterhood Outdoors we help you become the sportswomen you want to be.  The Tikka T3x Lite Roughtech is accurate, durable, and perfect for new shooters.  This one defiantly get the Sisterhood Seal of Approval.


Tikka T3x RoughtechEmber stock

A Burris Optics Signature HD Hunting Scope

Sako Ammunition- 6.5 Creedmor Powerhead BLADE Lead Free 120 grain.

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