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When Women Empower One Another

By December 13, 2018February 24th, 2023No Comments

I have a motto I picked up along my journey in life and it’s to stick with winners.  If you surround yourself with people who enspire you and make life joyful you can accomplish anything.  A little over a year ago, I found myself trying to create a business plan that would help me share my love of the outdoors with others.  I was invited to my friend Karen’s rustic cabin on her new hunting land just to hang out and toss around some ideas for my business.  I jumped at the chance to pick her brain.  The front porch of a rustic cabin in the woods is the best place to be for inspiration.  We spent time checking game cameras and scouting the new property.  When we took a break, we got out our notebooks and brain stormed.

I am forever grateful for her words of wisdom and enthusiasm for my vision.  Within a few hours I was so stoked about the business ideas we generated just by talking and scribbling on paper.  This is how The Sisterhood of The Outdoors came to be what it is today.  I still have those scribbles on paper and when I get lost or go off on the wrong path, I come back to the original vision.  I wrote a mission statement that day to create something that would empower other women to get outdoors and learn to hunt, shoot and fish.  The plan included how I would present the brand to the world, logos, colors, the look and feel of what the brand means to me.  I was so energized after that day on the porch I couldn’t wait to get home and get busy.  Nothing happens if you don’t put your words in to action.  I immediately began the search for the perfect logo, colors and branding ideas.  I developed a media kit and devised a strategy to grow the company.  I look back on one year and I am amazed at how far we have come.  I can’t say I did it alone.  As I look back on the entire year I can name so many women who helped create this business.  From the marketing press releases, the web design, the media kit and even the logo wear, all were done by women.  So many times, today you see other women playing out drama against one another on social media and the news.  I think this story is one that needs to be told.  Not all women are engaged in tearing others down, many are there to support and empower one another.  It truly is amazing what can be accomplished when we support one another.  There was always a supportive atmosphere around all the hunts I have taken over the years with women.  It’s something I can’t explain with words, it must be experienced.  The memories I have created with my staff and my guest are blessings.  My entire life has been enriched by other women.  We need strong women; may we be them and may we raise them…. Raise them in The Sisterhood of The Outdoors.

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