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What Girl Doesn’t Love Gold A Gold Ring?

By September 11, 2018February 24th, 2023No Comments
What Girl Doesn’t Love Gold A Gold Ring?

When I first learned to hunt I purchased a packaged rifle and scope combo off the shelf at a big box sporting goods store. It was what I could afford at the time and it was what my husband recommended for the game I was after. I chose a 30-06 rifle package and took all the steps to properly mount and sight in my new rifle and scope.  I made a great shot on my first whitetail buck with this set-up. But after I started learning more about hunting and I began hunting by myself I had trouble. For the next two years I struggled with when to take a shot and I missed three times.

I was frustrated and needed help to build my confidence and skill level. My father is a world class hunter and a wealth of knowledge about rifles. He told me to down size my caliber and get a better gun. I saved my money and purchased a Weatherby Vanguard .243 and outfitted it with a Leupold scope. I took the rifle to the range and was instantly in love. No more flinching with this soft shooting Weatherby. The glass of the Leupold scope was amazingly clear; and with this scope and rifle I produced the most accurate shot groups I had ever been able to achieve. The first two shots went into the same hole in my target! I have used that rifle to take several more whitetail and it is the perfect set up to utilize to teach new hunters and youth. It has never let me down.

My father took me on my very first bull elk hunt four years ago. He let me shoot his custom rifle. It is an amazing set-up. I can’t afford to purchase a gun like that, so we spent the next year building my elk gun. I bought a Remington 700 long range in 7mm rem mag and outfitted it with a Leupold VX6 scope and purchased myself a 1200i Leupold range finder to pair with it. I ordered a Custom Dial System (CDS) from Leupold for my load and put it on the scope. The CDS is paired with the rifle and bullet load, and helps compensate for bullet drop with quick adjustments for distance. My next elk hunt I was on my own and shooting my new set-up. It was an amazing hunt and I was successful and took a bull elk at 385 yards in one shot. The optics made it possible for me as a novice shooter to have success in the field. I have since added a pair of BX3 Leupold binoculars to my pack and I am geared for success.   Having the right gear and good optics is the first step to success in the field. I have heard time and again that its best to spend more money on your optics when building a hunting rifle package. Its true, no question about this. There have been many more shots taken and more success with bull elk, antelope, cow elk and whitetails with this set-up. I even use it now to guide and teach with. This summer I took it to a long-range shooting school to stretch out to 1000 yards. I ranged the target, dialed in the CDS, and took the shot from a bench position. Nothing better than hearing the target hit seconds after the trigger pull. Knowing what your gun and optics are capable of is paramount to a successful hunt. Having Leupold optics for all my optics needs has made me a more confident and successful as a hunter. I love my Leupold optics so much I can’t wait to share these amazing scopes with my guests this fall. Leupold will be outfitting Sisterhood Outdoors with scopes for our Weatherby rifles for the 2018 big game season. We will have the opportunity to utilize the new VX-Freedom line for our big game tour out west. I work hard to bring a great hunting experience to all our guest and adding Leupold as a partner to our line up of big game hunts will ensure our guest have the best optics on the market today. Leupold is made in America and has a rich history of providing amazing optics and support. The new VX-Freedom line is built to perform and has an amazing price point for any budget. The new VX-Freedom defines what a rifle scope should be: reliable, accurate, and extremely clear and bright. I can appreciate any equipment that improve my success afield and what girl doesn’t love a gold ring!

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