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Sisterhood Outdoors: A Place for Everyone

By September 16, 2020February 24th, 2023No Comments
Sisterhood Outdoors: A Place for Everyone

For ten years we have been staying true to our mission: to create opportunities for women to hunt, shoot and fish.  Many of our guests ask the question, “If I have no experience, should I go on one of your trips?”  The answer is always a resounding YES! We have a field staff member that hosts each of our events and we are committed to sharing our experience with everyone.  We pride ourselves on being open to all women no matter your age or level of experience.

In a time in our country where we seem to be more divided than together it is so important to build on what we have in common.  Regardless of your race, sexual orientation, age, or level of experience you are welcome to hunt with Sisterhood Outdoors.  It is my goal to strive to make everyone feel welcome.  Our team is one of the most diverse teams in the industry.  We come from all kinds of backgrounds and experiences – that is what makes us stronger together.  I love the fact that we can pull up to a lodge or event and know that we are about to share the experience of the outdoors.  The people we meet are the reason we do what we do.  Having friends from around the country that share their lives with me only enriches mine.  It may look like we are just hunting but there is so much more to it than that.  We do not care how you take your game or what size you harvest.  We only care that we got to experience it along with you.

My favorite part of hosting events is meeting others who love the outdoors or want to learn. It takes courage to head out on your own to meet new friends and try something new.  Courage always comes easier when you are part of a group.  Many times, even I have felt the butterflies and anxiety when I head out to host a new group.  The best part about meeting others is learning their perspective and life experiences.  You never know what someone is going through or when someone needs encouragement.  I am always happy to share my experience with others and I keep in mind that we have one thing in common to build on: the love of the outdoors.

No Limits

My life is richer for having met each person and shared personal experiences of joy, hardship, and disappointment along the way.  At Sisterhood Outdoors we believe you must give it away to keep it.  I have shared hunting camps with some amazing women over the years.  I must believe I made an impact on the recruitment, retention, and reintroduction of many hunters along this journey.  I know for sure my list of hunting friends is a long one and they are from all walks of life.  There is something so special about sitting around the campfire at the end of long hard day hunting or sharing a duck blind or even stalking game all day on a mountain with likeminded women.

I want to encourage you to invite someone different than you, or someone less experienced than you to hunting, fishing, or shooting.  We cannot afford to miss an opportunity to unite doing what we love.  The one thing we have in common is time, and there is not enough of it.  If fear is what is keeping you from joining a group of women in the outdoors do not let it!  FEAR is just “False Events Appearing Real”.  Do not be afraid of failure, or of the unknown, or of rejection.   We promise at Sisterhood Outdoors everyone is welcome, and we will support you all the way.  My years of meeting total strangers in the outdoors has boosted my own confidence.  My circle of friends is always growing, and it is very enriching.  The standards we uphold to create fun safe events are high and number one on the list is “everyone is welcome”.  There are no dumb questions, we will answer anything you need.  I encourage you to reach out to us if you are hesitant to learn a new skill or want to book an event and are unsure what to expect.   Let us take time to get to know each other and share our love of the outdoors.

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