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How I Started Hunting

By November 10, 2022February 14th, 2023One Comment

I grew up in Alaska and have been an angler since a child. My family didn’t hunt, target practice, or own anything that shot an arrow, bolt or bullet.

When I met my husband, he took me out to the gun range and he taught me how to shoot. After we got married and moved to his first duty station I took my hunter’s education class.

After moving to Hawaii, I got my first bow. Back then there were few bows built for the average woman’s draw length. My bow was a youth model with too short of draw length but I made it work and took down my first game animal, a Hawaiian feral hog. After we moved back to the mainland, I used the same bow to take down my first deer. Soon after a back injury prevented me from being comfortable in a tree stand and I got my first rifle. I was constantly in the woods and learned so much about hunting.

My world really opened up when I went on a women’s only hunt. I had no idea there were others like me out in the world. Of course this was before social media really took off and hunters were able to connect. The memories and friendships made on those hunts will last lifetimes.

Since that first group hunt I have been to many states after a multitude of game and I have no intention to stop.

Growing up I was obsessed with animals, learning all I could from books and television shows. That love of animals grew into my passion for animal conservation.

Experience is the best teacher, learning from my own mistakes and listening to the stories of other hunters is vital to my growth as a hunter.  I learn something new every time I step into the woods.

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