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Emma’s Blog Post

By March 18, 2016February 25th, 2023No Comments
Emma's Blog Post

Well hi there!  I am Emma, or Miss Emma as the Babes Bullets and Broadheads (BBB) girls call me.  Yes, yes.. I am super cool chocolate labrador retriever. But I will let you in on a little secret, I am really not just a hunting dog.  Well yes, I am good at my hunting job, really good in fact, but more importantly I am everyone’s friend.  I am a hunting pal, I will keep you warm in the blind, I like to sit by you when you are fishing, I will cuddle with you on the couch and keep you company, and I love to make you forget about your troubles by having some good-old-fun playing fetch.  Who doesn’t like playing fetch?!?

But back to the job I am best known for, “Hunting Dog Extraordinaire”…  well, ok to some I am…!! My mom is a field staff member for BBB, which is how I got so lucky to get to hang with all these great ladies who like to hunt.  But, I really think it is my mom who is the lucky one, because being the hunting dog extraordinaire that I am, I make her look good!  Everyone wants to hunt with me, which means my mom gets lots of invites to hunt.  I love to hunt, and I will never turn down an invite, but my favorite hunts are when the BBB girls and their lady friends come to hunt.  There really is nothing like a blind full of gals that know how to have fun and are cracker-jack shots. And they are cracker-jack shots!  This will be our third year hunting together, and we have made amazing memories.  I helped some of the ladies shoot their first goose, and even hand delivered the bird right to them.  The truth of it is, my job is AWESOME.. I deliver the birds and I get all the lovin’. What is better in life?  Nothing is better!!  Every time I go hunting I have the opportunity to make memories that last a lifetime.  I hope to share a blind and make memories with more of you ladies.  Please, please, please come hunt with me…. We need more ladies to band together to share our passion for hunting and the outdoors.  And if you do come and hunt with me, I promise to deliver your birds right to your hand and treat you like the queen huntress that you are!

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