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Boulder Basin Outfitters Review

By August 14, 2016February 25th, 2023No Comments
Boulder Basin Outfitters Review

I have had the pleasure of going on two trips with Carl and his crew at Boulder Basin Outfitters.  And I am planning my third trip at this moment   If I had the time and the money I would go every year.  I am from the south but I have been blessed to spend time in the west many years with my family and friends.  I know what the Rocky Mountians are like all year long.  I have camped in the Black Hills and Yellow Stone area several times.  I know these areas are fun but unforgiving if you are not prepared when you take the trail less traveled and get off the grid.  That’s where having an outfitter like Boulder Basin Outfitters can get you to places you never dreamed you could go.  And do it safely. 

Carl and his team are expert hunting guides and have the trophy’s to prove it.  But I think the most important part is the total experience from beginning to end that his group creates for you.  Once you book a hunt or pack trip with Carl you will have all the information you need for packing for your trip and being well prepared.  This makes it easy for those on a first time big game pack trip or the summer fishing trips.  The beginning of the trip starts with loading the pack mules and getting settled on a very trail worthy horse.  Carl and his team have the pack train and horse ride down to a fine art.  The trail ride up the mountian is senic and majestic in some areas.  It’s very relaxing being on a sure footed horse sattled with great gear and don’t forget those binoculars! 

Once in camp the accomidations are comforatble and well thought out.  The side walled tents with cots and bed pads offer privacy and comfort.  There is a camp fire area and dining tent area.  Speaking of dining, did I mention the amazing food they prepare:  steaks on an open fire grill, hot breakfast in a dutch overn, sack lunches and snacks for all day on the mountain, hot coffee and the specialty drink at camp, TANG!   Any special request or diet can be accomidated just by calling ahead of your trip. There is no going hungry with this group. 

Whether you are hunting or on a summer pack trip you will be comforatble, safe and little spoilded on your trip.  The best part is meeting new people, listening to camp fire stories and experiencing the wilderness area with top notch guides.  Second to that would be the fish you catch or the tags you fill along the way.   Visit to reserve your trip today!

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