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BBB Field Staff – Simply The Best!

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BBB Field Staff - Simply The Best!

Our staff are not just pretty ladies who wear our logo and look good in photos.  The ladies on our field staff are all outstanding women who are dedicated to our mission to encourage women and youth in the outdoors. There are many reasons these ladies feel passionate about what we do at BBB.  Most of all, we are true hunters and outdoor enthusiast.   We live it every day all year long.  We don’t measure success by the size of our trophies, we measure success in the memories we make afield with family and friends.  Each year the ladies of BBB participate in all kinds of outdoor events in their home states.  We mentor youth and take our own kids hunting.  Some of us give back by teaching seminars at many of the large sporting goods retailers, teaching NRA shooting classes, volunteering to manage 3D bow shoots and participating in youth shoots, and much more.  We call ourselves The Sisterhood of the Outdoors for a reason.  These ladies are a always there for one another to encourage each other and share in the joys of our hunting journeys.  When we get a chance to hold a staff hunt we become like family; sisters, hence the sisterhood. Most of our staff have been on one or more of our hunting trips with outfitters.  We make sure there is a staff member to host each of our hunts to ensure our guest have a great time.  These staff members are there for our guest from start to finish and will mentor new hunters from shooting to gutting and game prep.  You won’t be let down by these ladies, they are some of the hardest working, fun loving hunters you will ever meet.  We have very high standards at BBB for our field staff.  We do it because it means something to us to give back to others, not because of what BBB may give us in return.  The return is seeing new hunters find success and joy in doing what we love most- HUNTING!  We are THE SISTERHOOD OF THE OUTDOORS.

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