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Annual Ladies Antelope Hunt

By October 24, 2017February 25th, 2023No Comments
Annual Ladies Antelope Hunt

When hard work and perserverence pay off…No one said this was going to be easy!!! The Sisterhood of the Outdoors hunt concludes with 5 tags filled. We made every minute of every day count, we shared laughs, we shared dots, we shared tears. These 5 ladies overcame days filled with missed opportunities, missed stalks, belly crawling, cactus, WIND, flat tires, lack of sleep, the highs and lows of Antelope hunting. When it was their time, on just the right trophy each one of them made it happen!! I will be forever grateful to each one them for making my first year as a professional guide one to remember! I could write a book about our adventure, but I will keep it short (sort of), When you join a “CLUB”, you become family, a sisterhood! These ladies not only took time away from their hunt so that I could watch my daughter play her last game of volleyball, they joined me!

We walked into that gym in full camo, our Sisterhood standing tall! Thank you to each one of you for being who you are and touching my life!!! Amy Williams Ray you are my sister, you are my rock!! Congratulations on your hunt and thank you for not missing when I asked you so politley not too! Kim Hessing you have a heart of gold! Thank you for documenting our hunt so could relive every moment each night! Congratulations on the first 2 hours of your hunt on a beautiful trophy antelope. That road…”Kim Hessing Road” is yours!!! Rebecca Mccord AKA Rambo, Annie Oakley, Public Becky. You are the core of this Club! I am blessed to have met you! Congratulaions on your hunt, your adventure, he truly is your trophy! Barbara Mroz, Happy Birthday! Congratulations on your Bucket List! You are an amazing lady! You rocked the cramp, you rocked the shot! Your buck has a Heart on his head and it says “I Heart Barb” ! You deserved him! Raquel Nilsson you gave me new perspective! I admire your will, I admire your appreciation and compassion on your harvest! I will never forget our moment! I am so proud of you for pulling through and taking care of business!! Until next year! Your trophy came in other forms this year and I hope you believe me when I say congratulations on your success of your beautiful doe and all of the lessons you taught me! So this is my CLUB 2017!

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