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A Life Lesson – From Follower to leader, to follower and back to a leader, and I will never go back!

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A Life Lesson - From Follower to leader, to follower and back to a leader, and I will never go back!

I grew up in a family full of hunters, and hunting and fishing, and the outdoors.  I wish I would have learned to appreciate all of the experiences in front of me before now.  I guess that is why they call this a life lesson.  You learn from things in your previous years, hope to not make the same mistake and then pass these lessons on to others.   I have great memories of my childhood, hunting into my forties and the journey in between that has brought me to my passion in life.

A Follower:
From early on I followed others on this journey into the outdoors.  I used the equipment they told me to use, wore the clothes they told me to wear. I did exactly what they told me to do.  I didn’t actually know it at the time, but I was learning.  I was learning what I liked, what I didn’t like, and figuring out what hunting actually meant to me and what I wanted my adventures to be.  I don’t know how long the following actually took me to have enough confidence to jump in with both feet and try something I have never tried but wanted to do so badly.   Archery Antelope hunting was something I dreamed about and had no idea what to do. And so I decided to lead myself on an adventure.

A Leader:
I set up blinds, I sat countless hours in the blinds watching, waiting, patterning, learning everything I could about the antelope.  It lead to many years of very successful hunting trips for myself.  After every hunt I had a great story to tell even when I did not harvest anything.  This is when I realized what hunting was about.  It is about your story.  Not what you killed, not how big it was, but the adventure and the lessons.  I desperately wanted all of my friends and family to have this same feeling, so I began making them go with me.  Sitting in blinds, making our stories, teaching them everything I knew.  The stories we created were outstanding.  I learned sharing this passion with others was what I was meant to do.

A Follower:
Through hunting I have met amazing people.  I became a part of BBB.  Followed along with their dreams and it was through their amazing leadership that led me once again back into wanting to create opportunities to teach others about what hunting meant to me.

A Leader:
For many years these ladies joined me on antelope hunts and I was able to create friendships and make memories that others can only dream about.  I taught the ladies everything I knew about antelope, about antelope hunting, about Wyoming.  Watching their dreams come to life through this adventure I created for them.

A Follower:
I had a dream and a passion.  I was also a business owner with certain “priorities “, and I let that stop me for many years in pursuing my dreams. It was hard to figure out how to make hunting my career.  I tried.  It was hard. I quit.  I tried again, and I quit again.  It wasn’t until our economy took a dive, my business was failing, and there was not one part of me that wanted to continue down that path.  I dug deep, swallowed my pride, asked for advice, and asked for help.  My BBB girls came through in creating an opportunity for me to pursue career in hunting.  I listened to what they told me, I followed their wisdom and encouragement, I made the phone call.  This landed me my first job as a lady guide for Boulder Basin Outfitters.

Three months ago I received my Wyoming Professional Guide License.  I began booking hunts and meeting new people.  I am completely booked up in my first year and I can’t wait for hunting season to get here.

A Leader:

I did not get here alone.  I will not finish this alone.  I have countless people to thank for what I have today and I will be forever grateful to them.  I will never forgot how this started.  I will continue to share the lessons I have learned on my journey.

“A life Lesson”

 Knowing when to follow and when to lead.

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