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Women’s Kryptek Dalibor Line by Sisterhood Outdoors

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Kryptek Dalibor Technical Clothing for Women

Finally, Technical Women’s Hunting Clothes that fit and function.

The reason we are successful is because of the amazing women who make up the Sisterhood Outdoors.  We know you are tired of hunting clothes that are too expensive and under perform.  And as our guest you deserve the best.  That’s why we are bringing you a technical women’s hunting line like no other.  The Kryptek Dalibor women’s line was born out of a strategic partnership with the Kryptek Outdoor Group.

Kryptek provides combat proven features and designs in their ultra-high-performance technical and tactical outdoor adventure apparel. Kryptek products are continuously tested and proven in austere combat environments and extreme hunting conditions. Kryptek is highly recognized for its camo patterns. Currently there are over a dozen unique camo patterns that are unlike stick and leaf camouflage. Kryptek’s design incorporates micro and macro layering technology inspired by artillery camouflage netting. This creates a 3D appearance on a 2D surface — and near-invisibility. In tests using laser-retinal tracking, subjects took longer to locate Kryptek than any other camo on the market. Constant improvement and feedback are implemented into future designs with the end-goal of providing our products to outdoor adventurers who demand the utmost in quality and overall performance in their gear.

Sisterhood Outdoors is here to help you along your journey into the outdoors and that includes helping you find great gear that works.  The women’s Kryptek Dalibor line is a midweight hunting set designed with the Whitetail hunter in mind.  The Obskura Skyfall pattern can’t be beat for whitetail hunting anywhere in North America.  The pattern has street creds, and you will want to wear it for all your outdoor activities.

Having Kryptek branded apparel for our guest and followers is next level for us.  Several things about the Kryptek brand that resonate with us are, authenticity and credibility.  We also believe the technical features offered are what we deserve as women in the outdoors.  The attention to detail and performance is something you will notice right away.  We feel honored to be able to bring you this amazing line of women’s performance wear.

The Skyfall Pattern

We love the Skyfall pattern, and you will too!  Disappear into the woods while whitetail hunting like never before.  The micro patterns and tiger stripe effect make you undetectable in the woods.  It doesn’t matter if you are hunting deer in Texas, Georgia or Wisconsin, this pattern will blow you away when you see if in the field.

Amy Ray in the Woods wearing Skyfall pattern

The Women’s Line by Sisterhood Outdoors

Included in the women’s line are the Cronos quarter zip base layer, a Thea half zip pullover and the Dalibor Jacket and Pants set in the Skyfall Pattern. We absolutely love the Skyfall pattern.  It is the most effective camouflage in a close-contact setting.  Which is what we want when whitetail hunting from a tree stands.  The highlights and shadows deliver unprecedented concealment. We deserve to have gear that is reasonable priced and outperforms everything else on the market.  That is why we invested in this project for all women who hunt and care about performance. There is no shrink and pink, there is no skimping on technical features, and it is reasonably priced.

Some of the technical features include, DWR coated fabrics for water resistance, reinforced knees with sewn in pockets for knee pads (sold separately), deep pockets, chest zippers on both sides of the jacket. The entire line has a relaxed fit great for layering.  You won’t hear the rustle of fabric against your head wearing our quarter zip or jackets.  The mid-season system is for moderate activity levels and mild to cool temperatures.

The Cronos Quarter Zip Pullover 

The Cronos quarter zip acts as a base layer.  With a patterned fleece inside, it also helps retain heat and keep you warm. This material is designed to keep you comfortable in a wide range of activities.  Quilted fleece allows for airflow to pass through the fabric during high energy motion while the brush back retains warmth during stationary times. Did I mention it is made with stretch material?  Yes, it gives across the body for a perfect fit for all body shapes.  Ask me how I know about the airflow feature?  I tested the Cronos quarter zip on my elk hunt last fall.  Hiking the draws and canyons was no problem in this layering system and it was cold in the morning and unseasonably warm in the afternoons.

Women's Kryptek Cronos Quarter Zip Pullover

The Thea Half Zip Pullover

The Thea is a next layer in a half zip pullover.  This layer imparts warmth in areas of the body needed for women to retain heat.  Having a half zipper rather than a quarter zip makes it easy to take off in the stand or on the run.  Hand warmer pockets also are an asset in the stand.  You will be cozy and comfortable wearing this as a sweater layer.

Women's Thea Half Zip

The Dalibor Jacket 

The Dalibor Jacket features all the technology needed to hunt hard in any terrain.  This is the most popular and versatile outerwear on the market.  Feild tested all over North America and in many hunting adventures, this is the perfect mid weight jacket.  It has a perfect balance of breathability and warmth without the weight.  Loud rustling noises in the tree stand is a thing of the past with this jacket.  Did I mention it is wind and rain tested as well.  Coated with a DWR coating this jacket beads off rain like a champ.  Are you always looking for a pocket to carry all your necessities into the wood?  The Dalibor jacket comes with pockets strategically placed for easy access.  Outfitted with chest pockets that are great for your phone, Chapstick, and hunting license information.  The arm sleeve pockets also work great while in a climbing stand with a harness on.  Allowing for easy access to the small items you may need while high up in a tree.  We even included the Velcro sleeve patches.  Order your own PVC Sisterhood Outdoors patch in black and gray to match your jacket.  There is nothing we don’t like about the fit and feel of the Dalibor Jacket.

Women's Kryptek Dalibor Jacket

The Dalibor Pant

Can we say finally, ok yeah let’s all say it together- FINALLY!  A hunting pant with all the technical functions we need, and we deserve as women hunters.  Let’s start with the fit, no short zipper here, plenty of room for your hips ladies and length is a great inseam from 5 ft tall to 6ft tall women.  I am 5.10 and wear a size 14.  I fit into the XL just fine and love how they fit my curves.  The most important features are the athletic feel and ease of movement while still being quiet in the woods.  Do you like a quick way to cool down when you are walking out of the woods?  Just pull down on the side vent zippers and let some fresh air filter into the pant.  Pockets? yes, we those! And they are deep in the front and back.  Cargo pockets down both sides are great for your phone and anything you need to reach while sitting in a tree stand.  Let’s talk belt loops- these are sturdy enough for clipping on a GPS unit, a knife sheath or holster.  We even included an extra strap on the outside of each belt loop for attaching these items.  The stitching and seams are high quality and inside the knee you will find a mesh pocket for knee pads.  Knee pads in hunting pants were something I didn’t know I needed until I had them.  Now I don’t hunt without them.  I actually leave mine in the pants and toss them in the washer.  I just hand them up to dry and I am good to go and never find myself afield without them.  Gamechanger when you are crawling around quartering an elk or deer in the field.

The entire line comes in sizes Small to XXL.  The fit is relaxed and offers a true waistline with reinforced belt loops.  You will experience a very athletic fit no matter what your size. After years of searching, we have finally found a product we can put our name behind. None of this would be possible without the entire support of everyone in the Sisterhood.  You are the driver for our mission to bring you great gear for all your outdoor adventures.  Especially the ones you take with us.

At Sisterhood Outdoors we believe everyone belongs in the outdoors and having Kryptek support that mission means the world to us.  The Kryptek brand knows no boundaries and really is a mentality, a mindset, and a lifestyle we believe in.  Just like we believe in you.

Amy Ray shares all about the project with Kristy Titus on her Wild and Uncut Podcast.

The Kryptek Dalibor women’s line is available for pre order now at  Use code Kryptek23 on the entire set for 20% off.  Shipping begins in August of 2023.  You will be outfitted in time for hunting season.

Buy the Bundle Package pre order and save!  Click to order now! 


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