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Creating Moments of Belonging with Beretta

Turkey Hunting Experience

By April 13, 2022February 14th, 2023No Comments
womens turkey hunting

The anticipation of the hunt is always makes me feel excited.  The prep of the A400 Shotguns, chokes and turkey loads is the most important step.  I want my hunters to be successful and having the best equipment is foremost on my mind.  The annual turkey hunt at Woods-N-Water Services is not one to miss.  It truly is a learning experience.  First order of business with new hunters is safety and shooting lessons.  But the most important to me is setting expectations.  If every turkey you hear gobble came running in on a string, turkey hunting wouldn’t be as much fun.  There is a certain challenge that I enjoy in the hunt for the perfect timing and set up to get the Gobbler. And the eastern turkey may just be the smarted and hardest turkey to hunt.

This year we hosted two new turkey hunters.   We introduced them to the world of turkey hunting by starting at the beginning.  We learned about the A400 shotgun and how to put them together.  For some new hunters they have never seen a broken-down shotgun in the box.  Everyone loved the ease in which the Beretta A400 went together.  The most important step to teaching turkey hunting is to always pattern your gun before the hunt.  The basics of shotshells, chokes and pattern are the best place to start.

The ladies were excited to have range time to learn to shoot in the sitting positions needed to hunt turkey.  We love using a small shooting stick while turkey hunting, but that is not always possible.  There is nothing harder than holding up a shotgun, breathing hard and shaking as you wait for a Tom to cooperate.  We discussed the ability of the turkey to see movement and stressed the importance of remaining statue still when a bird is working.  These new hunters looked almost lifeless as they sat and took to heart the instruction.  I am sure there were some sore muscles after the hunt.

At Woods-N-Water the guides are aware that we bring in new hunters and they love to help us teach.  The time they take to share turkey tactics is cherished.  It’s like being fire hosed with turkey tactics in three days.  The goal is always to leave our hunt ready to try it on your own.  We outfitted our hunters with the A400 shotgun, a Beretta sweater and each one was giving turkey calls to take home.  The weather turned cold, and we all put our new sweaters to use.  The Beretta Honor Windstop sweater is now a stable of our hunting wardrobe.

The Beretta A400 is the perfect shotgun to teach new hunters with.  Everyone loved the fit, feel and balance of the gun.  New hunters can easily load and unload the shotshells.  Our hunters were surprised at how easy it was to carry the guns while running and gunning for turkey.  The punishment of a turkey hunting gun is real.  The multiple set ups from in and out of the woods, vehicles, belling crawling and over al abuse is punishing to a shotgun.  The toughness of the Beretta A400 ensures you’ll be shooting birds for a lifetime with it.

The hunt itself was a total challenge.  Which is good for a new hunter to experience.  And it feels bad for the guides, and for us!  We had birds gobble and then go quiet.  We had hens steal away our Toms right off the roost.  We sat over decoys in beautiful food plots.  There was some running and gunning going on.  How frustrating it must be for a new hunter to hear a Tom gobble hundreds of times and never make an appearance.  It’s like a great game of cat and mouse.  Are they hunting us as much as we are hunting them?  We ended our trip with no shots fired.  But also ended out trip making amazing memories together and we plan more time hunting with one another.

Each of these new hunters got the experience of a lifetime.  Watching them go from timid to comfortable loading and unloading the A400 and even the skill in which they practiced gun safety was amazing.  I am always proud when someone leaves our events ready to try it on their own.  I love the fact that women from all sorts of backgrounds and life experiences want to add hunting to their list of outdoor activities and that Beretta is there to help me create that moment for them.  There are so many reasons new women hunters want to start their journey.  Awareness of the world of conservation and hunting creates a connection to the natural world.  It is not enough just to host an event to make someone feel like they belong.  We must create a connection personally with these individuals.  Beretta helps us make a connection on a personal level and introduce these new hunters to one of the strongest brands in the industry.  When we hunt with Beretta we feel like family.  When our outfitters make a personal connection, our new hunters plan future trips with their own family and friends.  Taking the time to connect is good for business.  At Sisterhood of The Outdoors, we pride ourselves in hosting events that connect everyone.  And we are proud to have Beretta be a part of this connection.

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